One lump or two?

As the Boston Phoenix explores the possibility that Harvard will once again be involved with research on the affects of LSD, we do pause to wonder: haven’t the yard and the square been pretty trippy places all along? After all, when you think of the fact that Harvard is, in fact, a private corporation that engages in research on every topic under the sun, you sometimes get the feeling that mind-expanding drugs have been laced into the coffee urns. On the other hand, when you face facts, the University often resembles a revolving door for the generals, military contractors, and policy wonks that cook up projects like the current fiasco in Iraq… which is a major bad trip! From my perspective, Tim Leary wasn’t wrong when he took microdots out of the hands of the scientists and “put them into the hands of dirty hippies everywhere.” Let us hope that when the new Veritas blotter is brewed that its a “sunshine” batch, and not some sort of evil “Cheney war forever” dose. We’ve had too much of that already!